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Major flash flooding prompts evacuations, water rescues
Aug 12, 2013

HOLLISTER, Mo. - Major flash flooding has taken place in extreme southern Barry and Stone counties, prompting evacuations and several water rescues Thursday morning.

Water rescue teams deployed to several areas, with dozens of people rescued in Hollister from the swift-rising Turkey Creek. The Southern Stone County Fire Protection District reported it has evacuated 22 people from a campground off Peace in the Valley Road near Blue Eye; one person was swept away by floodwaters, but escaped without injury.

Several businesses and homes were flooded in Hollister, where the fire chief there says at least one home in Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park washed downstream. No injuries have been reported so far, but roughly 50 homes were evacuated on Old Mill Road.

Crews performed multiple water rescues there to bring people to higher ground as waters from Turkey Creek spilled their banks. Western Taney County Fire Protection District firefighters said some people escaped rising waters by standing on rooftops and by climbing up trees.

Water rescues were also reported in the Elk River in Noel. The National Weather Service reported people were trapped on an island in the river earlier this morning.

Roaring River State Park officials report people who were camping at the park were warned and the park was evacuated before major flooding occurred this morning. The park is flooded with roughly 9 feet of water in places. Several other campgrounds in the area have also ordered evacuations.

No major injuries were reported in the Barry and Stone county floods.