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Manitou Springs residents creating flood plans
Aug 12, 2013

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo - The historic town of Manitou Springs has seen plenty of major flooding.

Residents talk about the 1999 flood, but say it was nothing compared to the 23-foot wall of water that came through in 1902.

Curt Heimsoth's home near downtown was built in 1896. It has seen plenty of flooding, but it now has a wall of sandbags along the front fence.

"I started in early spring knowing that we'd have the floods," he said. "I came in and created structural diversion fences."

Heimsoth is the chairman of the newly-formed Manitou Springs Flood Coalition.

The group's hope is to come up with long-term plans for controlling the flood waters which come downhill from several different canyons into Manitou Springs.

The flood coalition also hopes to replace the sandbag walls, which have become a common lawn ornaments, for something more permanent and aesthetically pleasing.

"We need to be able to control the full floods, the storm water coming all the way through the canyons out of the burn area," he said. "From Fountain Creek, out of William's Canyon. So it's very complex and a big project for sure."

The area around the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest burn scars were under flash flood watch for most of the day, Sunday.