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FEMA helps prepare your family for a disaster with a new online kit
Sep 09, 2013

September is National Preparedness Month, and ABC2 is working for you, helping you organize your family with the government's new Interactive Emergency Kit.
It's a social media campaign from FEMA designed help you plan for a worst case scenario.
The kit includes apps you can download and learn to use now, since cell phone signals are usually unreliable in emergency situations.
There are also online, step-by-step guidelines for how to prepare your family, including drills and emergency routes.
FEMA also has a new project that lets you alert other people to problems by uploading pictures to a public map.
FEMA recommends doing dry runs with your family and acting out what to do during a real emergency.
They say people who train for disasters are 86% more likely to follow the right steps in real-life situations.
Look for the app in your phone's app store and get more information from FEMA by licking here