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Army Corps to study Sacramento Valley flood safety improvements
Sep 17, 2013

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is launching a $5 million study to examine projects that would improve flood protection in the Sacramento Valley.

In an agreement announced Sept. 6, the Army Corps will partner with the California Department of Water Resources on the study, to be finished in 2015.

The two agencies will split the cost of the study. It will build on the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, completed by DWR in 2012, which identified flood protection weaknesses and potential improvements in the Sacramento Valley.

Jeremy Arrich, chief of DWR’s Central Valley flood planning office, said the new study is crucial to eventually build new levees, bypasses and other projects because it will help the Army Corps determine where it is appropriate to invest federal dollars.

“It’s important, because we want to try to maximize federal funding,” Arrich said.

Glen Reed, Army Corps project manager, said the goal is to prioritize projects that benefit the entire watershed.

“Instead of just looking at one project, we want to ask how do these things affect each other, how can we help them work together, and how can we make them work better,” Reed said.