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Two years after flood, no levee in sight
Sep 17, 2013

WEST PITTSTON - Two years after the September 2011 flooding, West Pittston residents Bob and Mary Terese Russin continue their fight for protection from future floods.

The flood left nearly 3 feet of muddy water on the first floor of their home on Susquehanna Avenue by the river, where they lived for 28 years.

Since the flood, the husband and wife have been talking to and writing to local, county, state and federal officials about the need for a levee in West Pittston and funds to elevate their homes.

The Russins, who are both members of West Pittston Tomorrow, say their community is now the Wyoming Valley's "spill basin." According to plans they showed, West Pittston was removed from the original Wyoming Valley levee system design in the early 1990s.

"All the water pours into West Pittston. I think it's extremely unfair. We're feeling very neglected in West Pittston. We are still part of the Wyoming Valley here," Mrs. Russin said.